Amy Balderson Junod

Amy Balderson Junod, Founder of Legacy®

The depth of Amy Balderson’s commitment and strength of her vision came from a personal loss. The seed idea for Legacy® began when Amy was a broadcast journalist in Florida. One of the closest and dearest people in Amy’s life was her grandmother.

When her grandmother passed away following a long fight against cancer, Amy made a promise to create a central Memory Bank for people to remember and celebrate their loved ones’ contributions to shaping our world using audiovisual technology.

Amy founded Legacy® with a vision for enabling everyone to leave their own account of their personal experience and values in a central, worldwide repository accessible to all. With the support of many who have shaped our world, the vision is becoming a reality.

Amy is inspired after each interview to continue helping people document their life experience into digital content that will enable others to appreciate the strategic framework that enabled them to influence the world around them. This powerful content also helps viewers understand context in today’s world as well as their own connection with the past.

Some Background on Amy Balderson

With experience in Europe, Asia and the US, she has a background in broadcast journalism, public affairs and strategic corporate communications consulting. Before co-founding Legacy® and StoryShare®, she worked in issues and crisis management, management consulting and public relations. Her clients have included: ABB, Dow Chemical, Novartis, Lego, P&G, Shell, Tetra Pak and Verizon.

For several years, Amy worked in Japan for at AIG in Tokyo. In Florida she worked as a television interviewer, director and producer, and contributed to the winning strategy for the county franchise. She also worked as a political consultant in Florida and as a PR manager for a commercial and residential real estate developer. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications and holds a British Psychological Society (BPS) – OPP Oxford certification.