How Will My Interview Be Used?

Legacy offers you complete and total control over how your interview shall be distributed.  This is why our most valuable is the trust generated through over 300 people from over 65 countries who interviewed with Legacy.

Some families, international institutions and companies commission Legacy to conduct interviews to capture the essence and contributions of key leaders.

Most people who have left their stories are comfortable for future generations having access at will. According to your wishes, we may make opportunities for distribution of content such as through libraries, museums and other third parties, of course, only with your consent.

For example, the International Committee of the Red Cross hosts Legacy interviews, with the consent of the interviewee. The International School of Geneva invited Legacy to interview key speakers of their Speakers’ Bureau, and organized guest presentations to students of Legacy interviewees.

Some content contributors of whom will remain anonymous, prefer to release their content only to family members and only after their death. Other content donors are not listed on the site given the politically-sensitive nature of the material.

If you have special requirements or requests, we invite you to contact Legacy in complete confidence.