Legacy’s Swiss Storage

To protect content, Legacy® safeguards and protects master copies of each interview in secure, climate-controlled, undisclosed locations in Switzerland. This added benefit provides peace of mind in the knowledge that the life story interviews will be safe and secure into the future.

For recorded interviews Legacy® transfers copies of the High Definition original on to the latest digital technology to protect the physical integrity of the master.

Legacy® offers Swiss Storage services to personal historians, oral historians and film and broadcast producers worldwide. Contact Legacy® for more information.

Legacy Records

Legacy content contributors are invited to open Legacy Records to store their important documents, original and copies of photographs and other literature such as memoirs or autobiographies.  

samples of Legacy’s Treasures

Francis Blanchard (below left with Pope Jean-Paul) conspired with the Pope to A diplomat “par excellence”, he is credited with being instrumental in the emancipation of Poland from dictatorship and the subsequent fall of communism.

Legacy also hosts still photographs, books and memorabelia including photographs of the Reagans and Gorbachevs when they signed the 1985 Peace Summit in Geneva